O.O.A.K. Art dolls by Jessica de Geus

About the artist


Jessica de Geus (11 december 1979) lives in a small town called Middenmeer in the Netherland. She lives with her boyfriend, son and three cats.

As a child she liked to draw and paint. And  loved dolls. Those two interests always stayed in her life.

As a young adult she painted a lot of realistic portraits. (both people and animals).

In 2010 she discovered the world of bjd dolls. She opened an Etsy shop to sell handmade bjd clothes and she did commission bjd doll face-ups.

At the end of 2015 she illustrated a childrens book.

In april 2016 she started to create her own dolls called Moppiedolls. Her favorite clay to create dolls at the moment is: 'Fimo doll professional' porcelain color (Polymer clay).

Jessica is Dabida member since april 2017. (Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists).

Come and take a look at her o.o.a.k Moppiedolls made with great pleassure and love…